Web Application Development

Whether you need to develop a new Product for your business or are looking to overcome a challenge with a web based solution, our expert web development team can help you.

Our team has excellent capabilities in ASP.NET/SQL for web application development. We use 3 tier architecture for most of our applications and believe in modular approach to development. We work on frameworks and standardized coding. We document all our codes and ensure our applications are robust and easily extensible.

We use incremental approach to any development and follow Agile Development methodology. All our projects start with analysis and prototyping.

If you would like to hire a dedicated team to help you with your next product or application development, contact us.


Website design is a part of building a website which includes designing of web pages using colour, graphics, animation, photographs and fonts.

How can I get benefit from website design?

A truly well designed website can turn into a strong marketing tool, the primary objective of which is to accentuate your company’s identity, thus enabling you to differentiate from your competition and making your business succeed in a highly competitive environment. People, who browse the web, look at hundreds of websites and only an eye-catching look can make them want to stay on your website for a few more seconds. After that only an easy navigation and well-organized content can encourage them to stay longer and to come back again and again.

Services we offer:

We in Reality Software (please confirm this phrase, I don’t know about it) understand that you need to design a website for business and not for fun. There is no point in the even most creative design, if you won’t make money from your website. So we in our website design put emphasis not only on how a website looks, but also on how it works and how well it performs your business objectives. With us you will get a website that is:

  • Elegant – with eye-catching yet unobtrusive design with tasteful use of colour, graphics, animation, photographs and fonts.
  • Functional – performs business functions it was designed for.
  • User-friendly – with well-organized and easily readable content.
  • Easy-to-use – with simple and intuitive navigation.